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Going up? The elevator is the savior of all people, lazy and otherwise, who just can't stand the thought of a few flights of stairs. So take the easy way, the fast way, and honestly between us, the smart way. Who needs to get to their destination looking like they finished an IronMan.

Oppan Gotham Style

bane batman dancing elevator gangnam style psy the dark knight rises - 6596173568
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Elevators are Always Awkward

darth vader elevator luke skywalker Mark Hamill return of the jedi star wars - 5391675904
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Luke and Vader in the Elevator

elevator star wars Awkward luke skywalker darth vader Mark Hamill - 6696998912
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elevator hal sparks pajamas Spider-Man that awkward moment - 6469539840
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Why does someone always fart in the elevator?

elevator star wars Awkward luke skywalker why fart darth vader Mark Hamill - 6644296704
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How About This Weather, We're Having?

elevator star wars Awkward darth vader - 7879686144
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