Set Phasers to LOL


Don't get cocky. My queen just layed eggs in your bishop.

alien vs predator Aliens android chess eggs Predator queen - 6154398208
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Doctor Who - What They're Really Saying

comic dalek doctor who eggs Exterminate pun - 6569962240
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I love you anyway...

breakfast buffy summers Buffy the Vampire Slayer cooking eggs james marsters love Sarah Michelle Gellar spike - 6578918912
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Doctor Who Villain Easter Eggs

doctor who easter easter eggs eggs - 6079146496
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Not Going Through That Again

Daenerys Targaryen dragon eggs Emilia Clarke Game of Thrones Hagrid - 5503176192
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Looks Like He Has Egg on His Face...

eggs that 70s show stupid - 8129157120
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Xenomorph Parenting

Aliens eggs mouth parenting pregnant teenagers xenomorphs - 6475625984
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Aliens - Xenomon

Aliens chestburster eggs facehugger Pokémon xenomorphs - 6531722496
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Wave your arms and shout or something...

breakfast eggs the doctor Matt Smith doctor who dinosaurs - 6721612544
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