Set Phasers to LOL


But it WAS finger-lickin' good...

Babylon 5 river tam serenity Firefly summer glau eating - 6854532352
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Bad Audrey Two! No Dentist!

alien dentist douglas henshall eating nick cutter Primeval - 5907192064
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Don't See What Stark was On About

avengers eating Fan Art loki not impressed photography shawarma - 6611308800
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Now You're Saying a Lot is Bad!? Make Up Your Mind!

30 rock the doctor eating - 8282310400
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Ever Considered a Mixed Green Salad?

eating food The Walking Dead zombie - 6368476672
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I Love Lucy...and Donuts

eating i love lucy funny - 8134649600
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The Khaleesi Goes out for Sushi

confusion Daenerys Targaryen dinner eating Emilia Clarke Game of Thrones khaleesi restaurant - 6254419712
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I Think I've Earned That Right

cotton candy David Tennant doctor who eating Time lord - 5433156864
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Unanswered Questions of the Arena

arena eating Gorn question Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner - 6102926592
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If They're Touching, It's Still One Peice

diet pizza the nanny eating funny - 8165088256
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how i feel when lunch bell finally rings

The Walking Dead zombie eating lunch - 6390487808
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So Delicious

Captain Kirk delicious eating Shatnerday Star Trek tribbles William Shatner - 6406670080
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Hmmm.... needs more BBQ sauce....

eating food meat The Walking Dead zombie - 6329655552
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You Want Pickles or Catsup?

dovahkiin dragon eating fire lunch Skyrim the elder scrolls - 5565974528
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Did you eat it?

batman bruce wayne christian bale eating heath ledger the joker - 6505113344
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There is no Franken Berry

bending broken eating hard keanu reeves neo ruined Sad spoon the matrix - 6545728256
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