Set Phasers to LOL

earl grey

Perhaps in a different series...?

earl grey odo julian bashir tea Rene Auberjonois Star Trek different Deep Space Nine replicator - 6940887296
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Fifty Shades of Earl Gray

robe earl grey Captain Picard fifty shades of grey the next generation book Star Trek patrick stewart - 6697256448
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Beats Earl Grey any day

brent spiner Captain Picard data drunk earl grey pan-galactic gargle blast pan-galactic gargle blaster patrick stewart Star Trek the next generation - 6461258752
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Stupid Earth Human

Captain Picard computer earl grey patrick stewart replicator Star Trek stupid tea the next generation - 6448818688
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Just hope the captain won't invoke an Earl Grey rule

earl grey levar burton the next generation Star Trek Geordi Laforge - 6765534464
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Well, the good news is that it's an old, working Star Trek type replicator...

hot earl grey Captain Picard rodney mckay tea Star Trek david hewlett Stargate replicator - 6689018880
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This hot, Earl Grey tea is quite good. I must thank Captain Picard

liam neeson qui-gon jinn star wars earl grey Captain Picard tea Star Trek - 6734856448
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Tee Errgrehot

Captain Picard earl grey Ermahgerd hot patrick stewart Star Trek tea the next generation - 6575880192
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