Set Phasers to LOL


Think I'll look elsewhere for that hangnail removal...

david strathairn lee rosen doctor handcuffs Alphas - 6752534272
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doctor avery brooks Star Trek Deep Space Nine - 6876074240
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Sticks And Stones Won't Break That Bones

bones TOS doctor Star Trek - 7841431296
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Hey Bones, which one of these would look good as a toupee?

bones Captain Kirk dammit jim DeForest Kelley doctor im-a-doctor-not-an-x McCoy Shatnerday Star Trek tribbles William Shatner - 6291378432
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Baloon Tardis

bigger doctor doctor who tardis - 5308372992
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Vulcan Death Burn

McCoy doctor Spock DeForest Kelley Leonard Nimoy Star Trek insult burn - 6932619008
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I Get These Headaches

borg Captain Picard doctor locutus patrick stewart Star Trek world domination - 5801296896
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Use Only As Directed

McCoy doctor DeForest Kelley Star Trek - 6828815872
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doctor driving nathan lane shock tardis the doctor - 6273356544
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How is That Possible?

doctor fat jabba the hutt star wars what do you mean - 6083003392
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Only Good Boys Get a Lollipop

DeForest Kelley doctor george takei McCoy scream shot Star Trek sulu - 5719779328
Created by AreUKiddnMe

Saucy Little Dalek

dalek doctor doctor who - 5299738112
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