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Peter Jackson Might Direct an Episode of "Doctor Who!"

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Joss Whedon: From Buffy to The Avengers

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Joss Gets What he Wants

captain malcolm reynolds directing Firefly gina torres Joss Whedon zoe washburn - 5541421568
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Still not Johnny Depp enough.

batman directing Johnny Depp selena kyle tim burton - 6428495104
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And the earphones won't be live either!

Nick Fury directing The Avengers Samuel L Jackson lines Joss Whedon - 6894068480
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behind the scenes dinosaurs directing jurassic park steven spielberg Video - 36845313

Steven Spielberg Directing Jurassic Park

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And then everything goes boom

explosions Nick Fury directing The Avengers Samuel L Jackson good Joss Whedon - 6841394688
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Young Man

Daniel Craig directing jon favreau - 5538871808
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Why You Don't Listen to Sokka

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