Set Phasers to LOL


Wandering in the desert of humor and memes, it's not easy to find a fresh oasis. Try to make your own with these arid memes and puns.

See that big empty desert? That's going to be your career after this you know.

desert star wars luke skywalker career uncle owen Mark Hamill - 6762568448
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A wizard is never late! He arives precisely when he--

desert Martin Freeman Bilbo Baggins ian mckellen gandalf wizard The Hobbit late - 6720007424
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What Isn't Though?

c3p0 desert fun jersey shore r2d2 star wars tatooine useless - 6440748800
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desert jawas sand people star wars stormtrooper tricks Video - 39586049

Scout Trooper Stunts on Tatooine

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And We Shall Call It

arrakis desert Dune kyle maclachlan paul atreides - 5541412352
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