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avengers captain america chris evans deleted scenes Joss Whedon stan lee steve rogers Video - 42476801

Deleted Scene from "The Avengers"

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the amazing spider-man peter parker Spider-Man deleted scenes andrew garfield emma stone the lizard gwen stacy rhys ifans - 43817729

17 Minutes of Deleted Scenes from "The Amazing Spider-Man"

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Aliens deleted scenes engineer michael fassbender prometheus Ridley Scott Video - 42209537

The Engineer Speaks in a Deleted Scene from "Prometheus'

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sara deleted scenes movies emily blunt looper - 46321665

Deleted Scene from "Looper"

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Daniel Radcliffe deathly hallows deleted scenes emma watson Harry Potter hermione Movie Ron Weasley - 28364545

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Deleted Scenes

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