Set Phasers to LOL


You know it's true.

hate Harry Potter voldemort imelda staunton evil dead dolores umbridge admit it - 6649799168
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Do you think the spiders dead?

spiders Thor hammer The Avengers mjolnir dead chris hemsworth - 6813942272
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Let's get some breakfast, Sammy!

Supernatural feeling sam winchester dean winchester jensen ackles Jared Padalecki dead - 6581659136
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I Heart the Walking Dead

dead poster The Walking Dead zombie - 5845286400
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And remember billy.... They will all be dead soon.....

animated series comfort dead kid Spock Star Trek Vulcans - 6435735808
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Don't Piss Him Off on Shatnerday

Captain Kirk dead Gorn lizard Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner - 6119212544
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And if you say "he's dead Jim" one more time. . .

he's dead jim eric balfour haven One More Time duke crocker dead - 6895536896
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I Would Be Happy If My Father Was Alive

batman darth vader dead Father star wars - 6552864000
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Go Away Lori, Nobody Likes You

Rick Grimes zombie sarah wayne callies dead lori grimes The Walking Dead - 7027293184
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That's Why I Never Got Too Attached

sean bean Frodo Baggins Boromir dead elijah wood - 7042362368
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Leave Britney Alone!!!

dead ugly The Walking Dead zombie - 6103671552
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Skyrim Last Resort

comic dead desperate eating fat food Skyrim - 6202503680
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dead The Walking Dead zombie - 6103615232
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Excellent Work, Doctor

Captain Picard dead doctor beverly crusher gates mcfadden patrick stewart Star Trek - 6342936064
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Never Doubt Bones On This

Captain Kirk dead DeForest Kelley hes-dead McCoy obvious Shatnerday told you William Shatner - 6408582912
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The Double Tap

dead guns underworld-awakening vampire - 5769818112
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