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David Tennant

Rule#2: Don't stare too long at your own Hypno-Inducer!

rules David Tennant the doctor doctor who mistake - 6881169664
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David Tennant Elisabeth Sladen k-9 Sarah Jane Adventures the doctor - 27694337

Farewell to Sarah Jane

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Sounds Like a Royal Decree

billie piper David Tennant doctor who rose tyler the doctor - 5424939008
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50th anniversary David Tennant doctor who olympics the doctor Video - 40545025

Intervew with David Tennant

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Kittens Are Cooler

Cats cool cute David Tennant doctor who fashion FEZ kitten - 5443853568
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It's Much Too Violent

Cats David Tennant doctor who the doctor - 5444123136
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Doctor Didn't Say

david morrissey David Tennant doctor who Jackson Lake the doctor - 5624668416
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I Think I've Earned That Right

cotton candy David Tennant doctor who eating Time lord - 5433156864
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bbc Catherine Tate David Tennant donna noble interviews Steven Moffat the doctor trailers Video - 40879617

Women of Doctor Who: Donna Noble

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Peter Capaldi Totally Looks Like Old John Smith (The Family of Blood)

David Tennant totally looks like doctor who - 7759944704
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Or At Least One of Their TVs

black and white David Tennant doctor who - 5393162752
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Back to the TARDIS

art back to the future David Tennant doctor who marty mcfly rose tyler tardis the doctor - 5707370240
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The Eyebrows of Sherlock and Doctor Who

arthur darvill billie piper christopher eccleston David Tennant doctor who eyebrows karen gillan Martin Freeman Matt Smith none sherlock bbc - 5707100672
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I never noticed that before...

David Tennant facebook doctor who - 7318856704
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Could Use More Sonic

David Tennant doctor who Jackson Lake screwdriver sonic screwdriver the doctor - 5560236544
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Oh Look

David Tennant doctor who end of the world look tardis the doctor - 5407778304
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