Set Phasers to LOL


Just because you know my cousin Bender Bending Rodríguez doesn't means I'm gonna let you off easy.

android bender brent spiner cousin data robot Star Trek the next generation - 6581190656
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Imagine Worf's Surprise

brent spiner Cats data Michael Dorn spot Star Trek surprise Worf - 5611267072
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Showing Your Age, Data?

brent spiner data graduation Star Trek - 5986554112
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Mr. Barclay

brent spiner cat data spot Star Trek - 5444490240
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He Doesn't Sing Either

brent spiner data Michael Dorn Nyan Cat poop rainbow spot Star Trek Worf - 5840481792
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Pet Protocol

cat TNG Worf data Star Trek - 7975260672
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android brent spiner dancing data human Star Trek - 5368777216
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Life in Plastic

android brent spiner data fantastic plastic - 6404456192
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TNG data Star Trek Cats - 55735809

Every Time I Boot Up My Laptop

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android brent spiner Captain Picard data Geordi Laforge levar burton patrick stewart Star Trek - 6233798656
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Clearly a Security Threat

brent spiner cat data Michael Dorn spot Star Trek Worf - 5443996160
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Just trying out apple maps.

brent spiner apple maps the next generation data Star Trek lost - 6623736064
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That awkward moment when you're typing you password and someone's watching

brent spiner data suspicious that awkward moment waiting watching - 6536759808
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Modelled here by 'Brent'

brent spiner data posture Star Trek starfleet the next generation - 6447323904
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A New Hope brent spiner data Han Solo Harrison Ford Jonathan Frakes luke skywalker patrick stewart Star Trek william riker - 29273089

Star Trek Watches Star Wars

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He Was Scanning for Hours

data jean-luc picard Jonathan Frakes patrick stewart Star Trek william riker - 5388008448
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