Set Phasers to LOL

darth vader

Regrettably So

disney Awkward luke skywalker darth vader Father Mark Hamill - 6760791552
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That Reminds Me

carrie fisher darth vader Princess Leia star wars stop - 5886970368
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Concentrate, Young Pee-Wee

darth vader finger force choke star wars the dark side - 5362107648
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The One Situation Where it Does

call me maybe darth vader impossible luke skywalker mark hamil - 6555123968
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star wars internet love darth vader - 6911040000
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Like Father, Like... Oh...

star wars darth vader - 7550831104
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I just met you, and this is crazy,

and this is crazy baby call me maybe dark side darth vader Empire Strikes Back hey i just met you luke skywalker Mark Hamill star wars - 6452241408
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I Find Your Lack of Teacups Disturbing

scifi star wars darth vader disneyland - 7721945600
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Join Us Luke! I will teach you the force... And he will teach you how to have a long and prosperous Sci-Fi career!

career darth vader Leonard Nimoy scifi Spock Star Trek star wars the force - 6460218624
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My New Empire

disney castle star wars darth vader disneyland - 6727052288
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It Maintains Thermal Regularity Through All Seasons

darth vader big bang theory Sheldon Cooper - 7946805504
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Elevators are Always Awkward

darth vader elevator luke skywalker Mark Hamill return of the jedi star wars - 5391675904
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Return of the Group

Abed annie community darth vader Donald glover Han Solo jeff winger luke skywalker star wars troy - 5889359616
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That's How You Remembered Your Lines?

carrie fisher darth vader hair lines Princess Leia star wars - 5794337280
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Star Wars Vs. Aliens

darth maul Aliens star wars Fan Art stormtrooper darth vader xenomorphs - 6940878336
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star wars lightsabers fight darth vader - 48127233

See a Lightsaber Battle from Darth Vader's Point of View

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