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darth vader

I Would Have Looked Normal

arrow in the knee darth vader everywhere lightsaber normal star wars - 5604695808
Created by Dragonborn628

He's Over There

bike darth vader peewee herman star wars stole - 5364356352
See all captions Created by jmcenanly

Darth Vader's Bathroom Troubles

darth vader ladies star wars stormtrooper warp - 5748257792
Created by Unknown

Join the Stormtroopers Today!

star wars darth vader propaganda categoryimage categoryvoting-page - 6653316864
Via Geek Alerts

Daddy Issues

loki Thor star wars odin luke skywalker darth vader - 7907024384
Created by Unknown
star wars kid dark side darth vader - 52980225

Good, Let the Hate Flow Through You

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It's a Long Story

kids how i met your mother luke skywalker comic story Princess Leia darth vader - 6788919040
Via Lorenzo Sabia

Thanks for paying my bail, Dad.

star wars Mark Hamill luke skywalker darth vader jail promise Awkward parenting dad categoryvoting-page - 6581455616
See all captions Created by Unknown

Luke and Vader in the Elevator

elevator star wars Awkward luke skywalker darth vader Mark Hamill - 6696998912
See all captions Created by Username122

Made in Germany

star wars DIY darth vader - 7687243520
Created by anselmbe ( Via )

Picard Hated the Prequels Too

Captain Picard darth vader patrick stewart punch Star Trek TNG - 5363027712
Created by OryuKitty

Stained Glass Lord Vader

lightsaber art star wars Fan Art darth vader - 6717058048
Via Tom Brodie-Browne

Darth Vader Made Out of Used Darth Vader Toys

darth vader dolls sculpture art toys - 6702707200
Via Freya Jobbins

They Both Have Their Advantages

the force thanksgiving dark side darth vader - 7922039552
Created by Unknown

Actually, that's a lot better than what my dad does.

Awkward child darth vader luke skywalker Mark Hamill parents star wars - 6579015424
See all captions Created by Unknown

Dual Of The Century

cosplay gandalf darth vader - 8020829696
Created by Unknown
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