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damn it

I Am Not a Machine

damn it emma watson Harry Potter hermione granger kill Ron Weasley rupert grint woman - 6371998464
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But I don't want to be deleted.

confusion delete Captain Picard cybermen damn it Star Trek assimilate patrick stewart - 6895532544
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damn it ginger grimm shoot tan zombie - 6316103424
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Poor Sean Bean

a song of ice and fire best of the week damn it Eddard Stark Game of Thrones kill off sean bean show - 6021703936
By wolfridingadragon

Harry Potter Guess Who?

guess who Harry Potter nose damn it easy board game - 6610917376
By dolf1nluvr

Damn it, Jim! I'm a Doctor not a Swiffer!

bones Captain Kirk clean damn it DeForest Kelley dirty im-a-doctor-not-an-x jim McCoy Shatnerday tribbles William Shatner - 6236770560
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Kirk Cooked for the Crew to Celebrate Shatnerday

Captain Kirk damn it dead deforest kelly McCoy Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner - 5658824448
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Dropped my phone off the bridge again damn it!

bridge damn it darth vader dropped every time phone safety star wars - 6077892608
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Damn these low ceilings. My horns are stuck again!

avengers damn it horns loki stuck tom hiddleston - 6512274432
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