Set Phasers to LOL


We're safe, we have a redshirt!

safe red shirt daleks doctor who Star Trek - 6991977984
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This Time They've Got a Point

daleks doctor who Exterminate justin bieber - 5454124032
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amy pond arthur darvil daleks doctor who karen gillan Matt Smith rory williams season 7 the doctor Video - 40961793

A Very Tense 20 Seconds of "Asylum of the Daleks"

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Call the Exterminators

art bow ties daleks doctor who Exterminate poster the doctor Time Lords - 5391232256
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Sir, have you been drinking tonight? INEBRIATE! INEBRIATE!

daleks doctor who drinking stop - 6495674368
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You said you were exterminators, but the cockroaches keep coming back!

Exterminate daleks doctor who - 6719977728
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Young Steven Moffat

daleks doctor who fan reading Steven Moffat writer - 5440272896
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An Illustrated Timeline of Robots

timeline movies daleks robots infographic - 6997306112
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The bad touch

scifi daleks doctor who - 7204722176
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Dalek & Co.

daleks doctor who Exterminate notice the doctor - 5476000000
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Uh, Doctor?

daleks doctor who Matt Smith the doctor - 5559290880
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Wooden Daleks??? Seriously.

daleks doctor who Matt Smith running seriously the doctor wood - 6468948992
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Times Are Tough Everywhere

daleks comic doctor who economy - 6681223680
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Exterminate Him First

best of the week daleks doctor who Exterminate red shirts - 5465776640
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Asylum of the Fanatics

rory williams karen gillan the doctor fan fiction daleks Matt Smith doctor who kissing amy pond arthur darvill - 6840869120
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Guess We'll Have to Exterminate You Instead

daleks doctor who Exterminate laugh - 5981517056
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