Set Phasers to LOL


And I'm getting this wierd olfactory trigger of... burning souffles?

clara oswin oswald dalek jenna-louise coleman familiar - 6970223616
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Let's Get Down to Business

dalek mulan song weeping angels parody doctor who - 6788430336
Via Doctor Who and the TARDIS


alex kingston btch-please billie piper Catherine Tate dalek donna noble mercy River Song rose tyler universe - 6499860992
Created by propane-n-converse

Hey look its a trashcan!

confusion dalek doctor who Exterminate talking trash can WoW - 6432660736
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Everything You Need to Know About Daleks in One Image

gifs dalek Exterminate run words cybermen doctor who - 7023166464
Via Little Apple Tree

More Sci-fi and Fantasy Pumpkins

bioshock Captain Kirk dalek Game of Thrones pumpkins video games - 5356103168
Created by Unknown

No weapons, no plan, no allies, no world, no nothing but himself and his T.A.R.D.I.S. So why does he always mangage to win? (And scare the green goo out of us at the same time)?

confusion dalek doctor who scared tardis the doctor weapons win - 6274997504
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dalek for sale doctor who - 6736794368
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R2D2 Auditions

auditions best of the week dalek doctor who Exterminate not-the-droids-youre-looking-for r2d2 sorry - 6401764352
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Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Who-Bots

art best of the week cyberman dalek delete doctor who drawing Exterminate - 6010439424
Via Jeffro Kilpatrick
dalek doctor who Exterminate Video - 37614337

A Dalek Song on Britain's Got Talent

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Dalek Go Home

dalek doctor who - 6792259840
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R2 Has to Watch His Blood Sugar

dalek Exterminate r2-d2 doctor who snickers - 7782181632
Created by Unknown

One Race You Don't Want to Offend

costume dalek doctor who halloween superior - 5357112064
Via boingboing

Can't Get Into the Spirit of Extermination Without It

dalek doctor who Exterminate - 5928715520
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Top Gear 1963

crap dalek doctor who scared the doctor where - 6398740480
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