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Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

In his hidden basement chamber, Lucius secretly looks at kitty lolz using his clandestine muggle internet hookup where he frequently says "Squee!" uncontrollably

cute internet Jason Isaacs kitty lols Lucius Malfoy - 6507929088
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kids cute cancer batman christian bale crying - 46978049

Christian Bale Called an 8-Year-Old Cancer Patient to Talk About Batman

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The Avengers' Day Off

agent coulson avengers best of the week cute drawings hulk illustrations smash - 6250409728
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Baby Who

Fan Art cute doctor who - 8020757760
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Fluffy Puppy Butt is Never a Bad Surprise

dogs puppies how i met your mother cute surprise - 8200987648
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Set Phasers to LOL: The Avengers as Adorable Seals

avengers best of the week captain america cute drawing Fan Art hulk iron man movies superheroes The Avengers - 6153477120
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nähähähä Sheriffs trying to figure out science...again

cute eureka henry deacon joe morton science sheriff - 6508186368
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I Told You You Didn't Know the Power, Dad

star wars kids cute darth vader - 7409951488
Created by Unknown
amy pond cute doctor who karen gillan kids Matt Smith review the doctor Video - 42161921

A Four-Year-Old Reviews "A Town Called Mercy"

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British cute fantasy magic reading Short Film sweet Video - 31432449

Mrs. Peppercorn's Magical Reading Room

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Tiny Avengers

avengers best of the week cute Fan Art hulk iron man mjolnir pants shield tiny tony stark - 6207117312
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I Can Has Reckoning?

bane batman best of the week cute I Can Has Cheezburger lolcat lolspeak mask the dark knight rises - 6453076736
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Star Wars - Princess Vader

cosplay cute darth vader little girl pink princess star wars stormtrooper - 6345132544
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I Thought I Meant More!

cute big bang theory love - 8172157696
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Point Me to the Nearest Sewer!

cute turtles teenage mutant ninja turtles - 8092355840
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Who's a Good Vulcan?

cat pet Vulcan creepy cute Spock Star Trek - 6705760768
Created by Unknown
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