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Weeping Willow

alyson hannigan Buffy the Vampire Slayer crying nicholas brendon willow xander - 6543090688
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rory williams Spock doctor who Leonard Nimoy Star Trek alive amy pond crying - 6636182016
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always andrew garfield crying peter parker Sad Spider-Man - 6414853376
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Who Doesn't Cry At Toy Story 3?

toy story big bang theory crying - 8194414848
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If People Were 100% Truthful About Everything...

hair Minbari scary delenn Mira Furlan bruce boxleitner John Sheridan crying - 7104216064
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Don't Cry Sam, We'll Simply Walk Into Mordor and Get Some More

comfort cookies crying elijah wood Frodo Baggins sam gamgee sean astin stole - 6518778112
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*sniff* Why did I only put liability coverage on the ship??

crying insurance Leonard Nimoy ship Spock Star Trek - 6122269696
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Mr Frodo, The Star Wars prequels were just so bad... I know Sam, I know

bad star wars Lord of the Rings Frodo Baggins sean astin prequels sam gamgee elijah wood crying - 6612665856
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Do You Not Have a Soul?!

big bang theory movies crying - 8180493056
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LOL! Same actor!

Sad Harry Potter actor Michael Gambon sparkles robert pattinson crying - 6813250304
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"My old Gaffer said 'tisn't a proper quest without the proper tunes!"

comfort crying elijah wood Frodo Baggins KISS Lord of the Rings Music sam gamgee sean astin - 6444610560
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kids cute cancer batman christian bale crying - 46978049

Christian Bale Called an 8-Year-Old Cancer Patient to Talk About Batman

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I'm sorry, Sam. There is no season 2 of Firefly

comfort crying Firefly Frodo Baggins Lord of the Rings Sad sam gamgee season 2 that feel - 6516049664
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Lord of the Rings - Babysitting

crying difficult employment Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings scary - 6390844928
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Nobody Understands Spock

brain crying hurt Leonard Nimoy logic misunderstanding Sad Spock Star Trek - 6033590016
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It's Been a Rough Voyage

crying emotions Leonard Nimoy logic Sad Spock Star Trek Vulcan - 6287658240
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