Set Phasers to LOL



car crap Dwayne Johnson g-i-joe gun tank the rock - 6343223040
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crap dovahkiin dragon forgot fus ro dah line Skyrim the elder scrolls video games - 5568817920
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Every Time I Go Out

jensen ackles milk Supernatural dean winchester crap forgot demons - 6769192448
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Leonard Nimoy Spock chocolate crap Sad crying - 6596603648
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Top Gear 1963

crap dalek doctor who scared the doctor where - 6398740480
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Crap I've lost an earing

lucas bryant haven crap nathan wuornos lost - 6657158912
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Where will you be when your laxative kicks in?

crap Death Star laxative Porkins star wars x wing - 6440972800
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Your Turn

avengers captain america chris evans chris hemsworth crap Thor - 5661755136
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Oh, crap! I'm turning into a Cullen!

pete lattimer eddie mcclintock crap sparkling twilight scared warehouse 13 - 6612051712
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This Babysitting Thing is Harder Than I Thought

crap eyes hands monster pans-labyrinth scared - 6354331904
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Oh crap, how long do I have to pretend to like children.

william riker Captain Picard Jonathan Frakes crap deanna troi children patrick stewart - 6912158976
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We'll take you off our 'Revisit Soon' list, then shall we...?

Lucy Lawless crap shampoo Xena Warrior Princess - 6824549632
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So just Lay there!

arrow crap stephen amell - 6924666112
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Plan B

call crap dean winchester done Ghostbusters jensen ackles Supernatural - 6379085824
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Admiral Ackbar Gets a Little Too Personal

admiral ackbar crap its a trap star wars toilet - 5734040064
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