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Patrick Stewart Makes A Delicious Lobster

costume halloween - 7879272192
Created by Unknown
costume walker star wars halloween Hoth homemade The Empire Strikes Back - 43843329

Homemade AT-ST Costume

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Instant Halloween Costume: The Trench Coat

Browncoats costume halloween the doctor - 5351907584
Created by Unknown

One Race You Don't Want to Offend

costume dalek doctor who halloween superior - 5357112064
Via boingboing

Bad Cosplay Hurts Everyone

cosplay costume doctor who Matt Smith the doctor - 5368320000
Via epicponyz

To the Tardis Mobile!

costume batmobile tardis Matt Smith batman - 6679157760
See all captions Created by Unknown

Kirby Swallowed the Avengers

powers Nick Fury The Avengers costume iron man captain america video games hulk - 7014188288
Via PAabloO

Now That's Taking Full Advantage of a Sweet Costume

costume halloween - 8025150976
Created by Unknown

Joker Kid

costume meme scars the dark knight the joker - 6629543936
Via The Mary Sue
costume enterprise halloween ideas song Spock - 28363265

60 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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Rejected Judge Dredd Costume Concept Art

concept art costume judge dredd Movie - 6497824000
Via Prop Bay

Pity. I wanted to see Australia!

costume sombrero Anthony Stewart Head giles Buffy the Vampire Slayer - 6637616896
See all captions Created by beernbiccies

Superman of Fashion

costume Fan Art fashion suit superman - 6592128512
Via Dave Bardin
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