Set Phasers to LOL



ballet cosplay costume dance r2d2 star wars - 5622625280
Via themarysue

The Hate Flowed Through Me Long Before I Put This Costume On

cat cosplay star wars darth vader - 7795408384
By Unknown

WTF Sci-Fi Cover Art: Gunner Cade

Awkward book covers books cosplay cover art science fiction wtf - 6048692992
By Unknown

Superman Cosplays

superman carl sagan Harry Potter cosplay charlie brown Fan Art hulk ash wonder woman - 6705630464
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These Kids Have the Coolest Cosplay

cosplay kids cute doctor who - 7850188288
By Unknown

Captain's Log:: I Have no Idea What She's Talking About

cosplay Star Trek funny - 8256358912
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I Used To Bullseye Womp Rats

cosplay Death Star that sounds naughty - 7868634112
By xyzpdq1

Bad Cosplay Hurts Everyone

cosplay costume doctor who Matt Smith the doctor - 5368320000
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Harry Potter Horse Cosplay

best of the week cosplay costume harry Harry Potter horse - 5987213312
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Darth Vader Affected by Economy

cosplay darth vader gas speeder bike - 5797711104
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Daddy and Dalek

dads cosplay doctor who funny g rated parenting - 7537512448
By Unknown

Steampunk Portal Gun

art chell cosplay model Portal portal gun Steampunk - 5948941056
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Archie Cast Cosplaying as "Star Trek" Characters

comic books cosplay george takei Spock Star Trek sulu - 6534748160
Via Bleeding Cool

Cosplay: You're Doing it Wrong

star wars cosplay C3PO FAIL r2-d2 - 7666964736
By Unknown

Star Wars - Princess Vader

cosplay cute darth vader little girl pink princess star wars stormtrooper - 6345132544
Via Fashionably Geek

Comic-Con Warning Signs

best of the week convention cosplay SDCC the doctor - 6420039680
Via College Humor
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