Set Phasers to LOL


We Did Invite Him for Dinner

chef chewbacca cooking kitchen star wars wookie - 5348544512
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Wookie Cookies

chewbacca cookies cooking star wars wookie - 5530305536
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You Have to Start Somewhere

cooking the simpsons - 8046914560
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Ummm...that IS a dog, right?

bacon cooking delicious dogs lesson smell the killer shrews - 6564726016
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Next time stand further back and wear an apron!

glinda cooking Michelle Williams oz the great and powerful magic - 7000685568
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animated astronauts cooking food french science fiction Short Film space Video - 40534785

Un Petit Plat pour l'Homme: A Short Animated Film

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And My Pancakes Are On The Dark Side

bacon chewbacca Chewie cooking kitchen puns star wars - 5352699904
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The Trouble with Tribbles

Captain Kirk cooking McCoy season Shatnerday Star Trek tribbles William Shatner - 5731629824
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Wearing Out Your Welcome

malcolm in the middle cooking family - 8276971008
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Maybe Pull Him Off Cooking Duty

again chewbacca cooking hair kitchen soup star wars wookie - 5374370304
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bacon boba fett chris hardwick cooking sith star wars tauntaun Video - 39278593

Star Wars - Epic Meal Time: Crispy Tauntaun

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Why I Don't Eat at Kashyyyk Restaurants

chewbacca cooking species star wars Wookies - 5349105920
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I love you anyway...

breakfast buffy summers Buffy the Vampire Slayer cooking eggs james marsters love Sarah Michelle Gellar spike - 6578918912
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Arrange six rolls in circle on plate

Boromir cooking Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings microwave one does not simply sean bean - 6425438976
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chef cooking food Game of Thrones Video Westeros - 36136193

Westeros Food Truck

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It was you, in the kitchen, with an eggbeater, whipping the meringue into a froth.

clue cooking david thewlis food Gary Oldman Harry Potter peter pettigrew professor lupin sirius black timothy spall - 6143814144
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