Set Phasers to LOL


This Ship is Science FACT!

scifi wash Firefly comixed - 7736389376
By Unknown

False Hope

red shirts Star Trek comixed james t kirk - 7719763456
By Unknown

If You Know What I Mean

TOS kirk Star Trek comixed james t kirk - 7734345216
By Unknown


c3p0 comixed puns r2d2 star wars - 5953459456
Via Comixed

The Centauri take "No Parking" seriously

Babylon 5 comixed - 7754237184
By Bob_Newbell

To Summarize LOTR

Lord of the Rings comixed - 7651205888
By PVSchick

What is Wireless?

star wars technology comixed - 7732656640
By Unknown

He Violates the Prime Directive All the Time!

picard Star Trek comixed patrick stewart - 7724365312
By Unknown

Poor Donkey

Dune comixed - 7761367552
By anselmbe (Via Joe Harden)

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