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Understandable, Mr. Spock

Captain Kirk cartoons comic humor Spock Star Trek Vulcan - 6635900160
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Star Trek - Mr. Data...

brent spiner Captain Picard cartoons comic data make it so patrick stewart pun Star Trek the next generation underwear - 6545133824
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The True Story of the Rancor

star wars friends cute comic - 6848048640
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The Trouble With Avian Post

comic Game of Thrones Harry Potter Owl - 5297669120
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Fallout Bathroom Break

bathroom comic creepy gross help toilet - 6514033152
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Game of Pumpkins

halloween Game of Thrones a song of ice and fire comic pumpkins - 6717656064
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6 Reviews of Earth

alien comic eyes funny reviews - 5802222848
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Brits are cool...

america arthur darvill btch-please captain america comic hitler punching rory williams superhero - 6398294016
By bolotvok

Assimilation Complete!

bowties comic doctor who funny sonic screwdriver - 5299856384
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Things You Never See in Sci-Fi

Aliens comic never science fiction sci fi see - 5765370624
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Star Trek vs. Star Wars

admiral ackbar art comic darth vader its a trap jean-luc picard Star Trek star wars william riker - 5468371712
By OryuKitty

Give Us a Second!

comic harry Harry Potter hermione hug Ron Weasley - 5424205568
By berryfield

How Yoda Does Halloween

candy the force comic yoda - 7879695872
By Unknown

Gandalf, We're Here Because We Love You and We Want to Help You

saruman intervention elrond dwarves Fan Art gandalf The Hobbit comic - 6898206976
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Starfleet Has That 'Just Rolled Outta Bed' Look

TOS kirk comic Star Trek - 7649192704
By Unknown

Even Easier than Eagles

mordor legolas Lord of the Rings problem solved sauron arrows Boromir comic - 6952141312
By Unknown
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