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How the Daleks Saved Christmas

best of the week christmas comic daleks doctor who elves santa - 5559761408
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Hodor's Secret

a song of ice and fire annoyed comic hodor name pikachu speech - 6130170112
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Give Us a Second!

comic harry Harry Potter hermione hug Ron Weasley - 5424205568
Created by berryfield

Gandalf, We're Here Because We Love You and We Want to Help You

saruman intervention elrond dwarves Fan Art gandalf The Hobbit comic - 6898206976
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Understandable, Mr. Spock

Captain Kirk cartoons comic humor Spock Star Trek Vulcan - 6635900160
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Doctor Who - What They're Really Saying

comic dalek doctor who eggs Exterminate pun - 6569962240
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Times Are Tough Everywhere

daleks comic doctor who economy - 6681223680
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Care Bear Troopers

bugs comic mashup - 6508080128
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Fallout Bathroom Break

bathroom comic creepy gross help toilet - 6514033152
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6 Reviews of Earth

alien comic eyes funny reviews - 5802222848
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dwarves gandalf comic thorin oakenshield - 6925872128
Created by Unknown

Thor Odin-Pun

loki Thor hammer puns comic - 6983954176
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Gandalf Must Train

Pokémon journey Bilbo Baggins gandalf misty mountains comic train - 6894308608
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NOW It's the Best Game Ever

dragonborn dragons comic riding horses Skyrim - 6898763776
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To Adventure! No, Wait.

adventure comic darth vader hand hospital lightsaber luke skywalker star wars X Grab My Y - 5310160384
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Face It, Doctor. You Just Can't Pull Off a Hat

amy pond comic doctor who cool Fan Art no sombrero hats the doctor - 7017202944
Via Janey Jane
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