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Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Trek the original series enterprise detailed poster Fan Art Captain Kirk McCoy Spock sulu chekov uhura scotty characters - 6696093696
Via Dusty Abell
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Game of Thrones Drinking Game

a song of ice and fire best of the week characters Game of Thrones season 2 - 6136944640
Via Anny Lucylle
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Who has two thumbs, and killed your favorite characters? This guy!

characters The Walking Dead zombie - 6428454912
See all captions By DMBatmanFan2012
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Lesser Known Star Wars Characters

art characters clay mos eisley star wars - 5625710848
Via plasticinetatooine
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Star Wars in Feudal Japan

boba fett characters darth vader Japan samurai star wars stormtrooper yoda - 5765160448
Via Clinton Felker
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8-Bit Gary Oldman

8 bit art characters Gary Oldman Harry Potter - 5868145920
Via iotacons
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The Walking Dead: The Animated Series

Rick Grimes zombie daryl dixon carl grimes characters lori grimes The Walking Dead - 6878517248
Via Miranda Areli
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Illustrated Star Wars Posters

star wars posters A New Hope return of the jedi characters cartoons Empire Strikes Back - 6763205888
Via The Beast is Back
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Star Trek Names and Roles

list Chart roles characters names Star Trek infographic captains - 6923686400
Via Chart Geek
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10 points, Daily Mail journos...

star wars FAIL wookie characters stupid - 6856984576
By kellkellkell
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Harry Potter Alphabet

alphabet best of the week challenge characters Harry Potter names poster - 6044808192
Via Mike Baboon Design
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The Cartoon Evolution of Tim Curry Characters

evolution characters The Rocky Horror Picture Show - 7077649664
Via Jeff Victor
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Why You Should Never Let George R.R. Martin Set You Up with Someone

killing date Game of Thrones George RR Martin characters love - 7047122688
Via Aleatoriedades Caoticas
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Not Until the Movies Anyway

Captain Kirk characters gene roddenberry james doohan kill off Leonard Nimoy red shirt scotty Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner - 5904835840
See all captions By scubafreak
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Batman - Gotham Alphabet

alphabet batman challenge characters guess the dark knight - 6382279936
Via Bleeding Cool
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Jk vs George RR

books characters Game of Thrones george r r martin Harry Potter killing - 5315523072
By Unknown
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