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bruce wayne

Jane? Honey? There's a guy over there dressed as a giant... ...otter?...

batman bruce wayne christian bale confusion the dark knight weird - 6576281600
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Gotham Newspaper Headlines

anne hathaway bane batman bruce wayne catwoman christian bale newspaper plot holes the dark knight rises tom hardy - 6550096640
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bane batman bruce wayne christopher nolan lego Movie the dark knight rises trailers Video - 36182529

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer in Lego

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Just Looking for Some Affection

bane batman bruce wayne christian bale hug superheroes the dark knight rises tom hardy - 6517091584
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alfred anger batman bruce wayne rage robin the dark knight Video video games - 40458241

The Dark Knight Rages

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Batman's Arrest Warrant from "The Dark Knight Rises"

batman bruce wayne gotham city the dark knight rises - 6180368128
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Really Warner Bros.?

alfred batman bruce wayne christian bale michael caine spelling the dark knight rises typo - 6459389952
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Had to be Said

alfred batman bruce wayne michael caine the dark knight rises tired of it - 6459480832
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Bat Signal! Cat Woman Called me maybe!

Bat signal batman bruce wayne call me maybe catwoman christian bale - 6448136448
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He's No Peter Parker

batman bruce wayne camera photography poster the dark knight rises - 6423202304
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animated batman bruce wayne clip the dark knight returns Video - 41296641

First Clip from "The Dark Knight Returns"

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I Know that Feel

batman bruce wayne computer cyclops harry Harry Potter parents Star Trek visor x men - 5921155584
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harvey dent the joker tom hardy catwoman high school batman selina kyle christian bale bruce wayne heath ledger gotham city - 44883201

Gotham High

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History of the Bat-Suit

batman bruce wayne comic books costume movies suit superheroes theater - 5600226560
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Who does he think he is?

bane batman bruce wayne christian bale tom hardy what are you talking abou - 6274550784
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anne hathaway bane bruce wayne christian bale the dark knight rises tom hardy Video - 40489985

Batman Vs. Tom Hardy

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