Set Phasers to LOL

brent spiner

Irreverent Philistines! We're doing some serious acting here!

annoyed brent spiner Michael Dorn Worf batleth the next generation data Star Trek - 6799242752
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brent spiner data something - 5327943936
By OryuKitty

Error 404 Damn not found.

brent spiner data Star Trek - 6182486016
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android brent spiner dancing data human Star Trek - 5368777216
See all captions By tilliecw I opened the door... just to let the children see the stars more clearly...

door brent spiner kids Captain Picard facepalm data space patrick stewart - 6622981376
See all captions By FoxxVox

Dat(a) Ass

brent spiner dat ass data nice Star Trek Staring the next generation - 6563925248
By Unknown

Can someone explain to me why I'm wearing PINK?

brent spiner Michael Dorn Worf pink levar burton explain data Geordi Laforge klingon - 6772111616
See all captions By blondiiv6

No One Told Me

brent spiner Cats data Star Trek - 5731663616
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Captain we found LV-223 should we check it out or put Wesley Crusher there?

brent spiner wesley crusher the next generation data Star Trek planet - 6608316416
See all captions By thegreatdevin

That's Perfectly Normal, Data

brent spiner captain data red dwarf Star Trek the next generation - 6490486528
By PrincessWordplay

Imagine Worf's Surprise

brent spiner Cats data Michael Dorn spot Star Trek surprise Worf - 5611267072
See all captions By MisterMan

Mr. Barclay

brent spiner cat data spot Star Trek - 5444490240
See all captions By Greybeard55

That awkward moment when you're typing you password and someone's watching

brent spiner data suspicious that awkward moment waiting watching - 6536759808
See all captions By cratchmaster

Mind Blown....

android brent spiner cat data internet spot Star Trek - 6325376000
By Capt_Shelby_J_Hughes (Via

Data Savage

adam savage brent spiner data doctor who reality reject - 5465066240
See all captions By Unknown

Design Flaws of the 21st Century

brent spiner Captain Picard data Geordi Laforge levar burton patrick stewart Star Trek - 5784031744
See all captions By seattley3k
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