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I'm Blue if I was Green I might die, there is some.... yeah some of us we're kids in the 90s. A beautiful color and cult classic techno song, and even a powerful emotion. Such a versatile word, and the connotations can really go...anywhere. Take a chance, a gander, maybe find a new meaning for the word Blue for you.

After he rode through the painted desert... Sam was always kind of blue.

blue sam beckett scott bakula quantum leap - 7065277696
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blue sam beckett guess scott bakula meth quantum leap - 7060123648
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Artifacts are Cool

artie blue box saul rubinek tardis warehouse warehouse 13 - 5366608896
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Stained Glass TARDIS

art best of the week blue crafts doctor who pretty stained glass tardis - 5908350976
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Lions Do Not Like Robots

atlas blue narnia p-body Portal portal 2 portals - 5642912512
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I'm much more into the autumn tones.

blue color lightsaber star wars the clone wars the dark side anakin skywalker - 6895504896
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Portal Valentine

blue cake gladOS Portal portal 2 testing turrets Valentines day Wheatley - 5806198016
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I Had a Rough Date Last Night

blue Captain Kirk Spock Star Trek - 7540697600
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Yes, That Seems Right

blue David Tennant doctor who picasso rose the doctor - 5425668864
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Something Blue

blue something soul Stargate stargate atlantis wedding wraith - 5708797440
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WTF Sci-Fi Book Covers: Phoenix

wtf science fiction cover art book covers books arrested development blue - 6704958976
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...and with a swish of my magic staff, I will turn us all into...TALL BLUE CAT PEOPLE!!!!

aang Avatar the Last Airbender blue change james cameron magic the last airbender - 6169855744
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blue fashion Leonard Nimoy Spock Star Trek timelord - 6509556992
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