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andrew garfield behind the scenes The Walking Dead zombie - 29868289

Walking Dead - Inside the Walking Dead Barn Scene

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behind the scenes elijah wood hobbits Martin Freeman peter jackson The Hobbit - 31380993

The Hobbit: Peter Jackson's Fifth Video Blog

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But he just couldn't get it so they gave the line to Uhura.

acting behind the scenes Captain Kirk klingons line Shatnerday special effects Star Trek uhura William Shatner - 6446747136
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assemble avengers behind the scenes chris hemsworth featurette hulk robert downey jr Video - 35984641

Assembly of The Avengers

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behind the scenes featurette hbo Sookie Stackhouse true blood vampires Video - 38888449

True Blood: Inside the Season Five Premiere

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avengers behind the scenes Joss Whedon mark ruffalo special effects the hulk Video - 39216897

Avengers - Making the Hulk

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Jim Henson and Frank Oz Play The best Gay Couple in Television History

behind the scenes Sesame Street - 8193238528
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avengers behind the scenes chris evans chris hemsworth fabulous Joss Whedon pose robert downey jr - 6389187584
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behind the scenes The Walking Dead Video zombie - 34356993

Visual Effects of The Walking Dead

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That Was a Normal TV Show?

behind the scenes j-j-abrams Jared Padalecki jensen ackles lost Supernatural - 6514361856
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Aliens behind the scenes charlize theron featurette interview michael fassbender Noomi Rapace prometheus Ridley Scott Video - 37242369

Prometheus Behind the Scenes

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behind the scenes crazy director Idris Elba Making Of nicolas cage Video - 32793857

Behind the Scenes of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

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Even The Angels Fear the Nosie Game

makeup game behind the scenes weeping angels doctor who - 6664147712
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Honestly, They Didn't Need the CGI

behind the scenes gifs DVD The Hobbit Extras - 7541007616
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anne hathaway bane batman behind the scenes bruce wayne christian bale christopher nolan featurette Gary Oldman Joseph Gordon-Levitt michael caine the dark knight rises tom hardy Video - 39585025

13-Minute Featurette for The Dark Knight Rises

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behind the scenes Daniel Radcliffe documentary emma watson Harry Potter Hogwarts rupert grint - 29563649

When Harry Left Hogwarts

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