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I Can Has Cheezburger?: Christopurr LOLan's Catman Trilogy

bane batman best of the week Cats catwoman harvey dent movie posters movies the dark knight the dark knight rises the joker - 6431182336
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No, I'm pretty sure it was hospital

the dark knight rises hospital bane tom hardy batman dark - 6946727168
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anne hathaway bane batman christian bale fan made Joseph Gordon-Levitt michael caine Morgan Freeman opening credits selena kyle the dark knight rises tom hardy Video - 33029889

Fan Made Opening for The Dark Knight Rises

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bane batman christian bale michael caine movies the dark knight rises tom hardy trailers - 30951169

Trailer: The Dark Knight Rises

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When it's time for the Matt Smith Doctor to regenerate, you then have my permission to cry.

cry the dark knight rises regenerate bane Matt Smith tom hardy doctor who batman - 6895438336
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Batman - Seventy Years of Bat Evolution

bane batman catwoman christopher nolan comics evolution history infographic movies the joker - 6527110656
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They all know that feel....

mask bane Spider-Man batman - 6852972800
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anne hathaway bane bruce wayne christian bale the dark knight rises tom hardy Video - 40489985

Batman Vs. Tom Hardy

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When the Songs are Ashes

bane batman the dark knight rises the sound of music tom hardy - 6555100160
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bane batman bruce wayne christopher nolan lego Movie the dark knight rises trailers Video - 36182529

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer in Lego

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bane batman sketch Video - 41939201

Bane the Telemarketer

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the dark knight rises bane alternate tom hardy batman christian bale - 45636865

Bane Outtakes

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Under Bane's Mask

bane batman beard elephant Fan Art hiding homer simpson mask nose tom hardy - 6491072768
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bane batman christian bale mask the dark knight rises tom hardy - 6036613632
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They Have A Lot In Common

bane darth vader star wars - 7903096576
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Nobody Gets Presents

bane batman christian bale parents tom hardy - 5455710208
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