Set Phasers to LOL


Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

alien amanda tapping bald dandruff samantha carter sg-1 shampoo Stargate - 6104251392
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give me a hairline and i'll let him go

bald bruce willis threat Joseph Gordon-Levitt looper - 6981037568
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So Good

bald head jean-luc picard patrick stewart Star Trek - 5497358592
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Work it Out Dude

bald fairy tales girls kids once upon a time - 5559700992
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Mad X-Men

art bald don draper mad men Magneto x men - 6105389824
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Hair Club for observers

joshua jackson peter bishop Fringe observer bald future - 6579066624
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It's no planet, Sir... It's just the top of your head...

brent spiner bald gross head Captain Picard the next generation data Star Trek planet - 6610363648
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"Try Rogaine" they said... “It’ll look great” they said...

Harry Potter voldemort bald ralph fiennes nose They Said - 6651011072
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It's Shatnerday, Better Let Him Down Easy

actor bald Captain Kirk james doohan replaced scotty shakespeare Shatnerday Star Trek the next generation William Shatner - 5803479808
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I can see myself on your head

bald Fringe joshua jackson observer peter bishop shiny shut up - 6577210880
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...because yours is clearly off his tree!

Babylon 5 bald hairstyle londo mollari peter jurasik - 6173676032
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Not that I don't love you Jean-Luc, but it's just really disconcerting seeing my reflection every time I look down at you.

gates mcfadden bald Captain Picard the next generation Star Trek patrick stewart beverly crusher - 6622815232
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Do the kids at school tease me about my bald head?

bald kid neo psychic spoon the matrix - 6541836288
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