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The TV List of Science

awesome TV science funny g rated - 7642881792
Created by Unknown

Captain Jack Facts

awesome Captain Jack Harkness john barrowman pickup line Torchwood - 5388944128
See all captions Created by TheGohanSkywalker

Best Ending to a Game Ever

awesome gifs glitch win - 6229868032
Created by Unknown

It is Pretty Awesome

avengers awesome chris hemsworth costume loki people Thor tom hiddleston - 5732211200
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awesome bar dwarf gimli Lord of the Rings - 5807101440
See all captions Created by Melbear15

Star Trek and Doctor Who Team Up

amy pond art awesome best of the week Captain Kirk cybermen daleks doctor who klingons Matt Smith romulans Star Trek the doctor - 5527691008
Via wonrek
awesome Battlestar Galactica teenagers Video - 36146433

Battlestar Galactica Flight Sim Developed by Teenagers

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The Sound of Awesome Squared

awesome khan kirk sound Star Trek - 5528821248
Created by paynesgrey

Some Important Data

advice awesome brent spiner data people Star Trek - 5997117184
See all captions Created by msnikkinefarious

The Narcissism Really Went To His Ears

TOS awesome Star Trek james t kirk - 7802132224
Created by Unknown
awesome science Video g rated - 62665217

Scientists Are Making the Holodeck

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Uses crossbow for silence. Drives a loud ass Harley because he can.

awesome crossbow daryl dixon motorcycle norman reedus The Walking Dead zombie - 6328396544
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a song of ice and fire awesome best of the week Game of Thrones peter dinklage tyrion lannister - 6193758976
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Let's Send Them a Bill

rory williams karen gillan awesome the doctor Matt Smith new york amy pond arthur darvill - 6702511104
See all captions Created by PrincessWordplay

Every once in a while I remember that I was in Pink Floyd's "The Wall",and I think, ...SWEET..

awesome happy patrick stewart Star Trek success sweet the wall - 6246353664
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that feel test studying resident evil resident-evil-retribution awesome milla jovovich alice - 6611230720
See all captions Created by ejg777
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