Set Phasers to LOL


Artifacts are Cool

artie blue box saul rubinek tardis warehouse warehouse 13 - 5366608896
See all captions Created by Greybeard55

Legends of the Hidden Warehouse

artie eddie mcclintock joanne kelly myka bering pete latimer saul rubinek warehouse 13 - 5972603392
Created by Mister Sarcastic ( Via )

Do What it Says. It Could Be an Artifact.

allison scagliotti artie claudia donovan saul rubinek warehouse 13 - 5494792704
See all captions Created by Sylviag

Scumbag Artie

artie artifact dying life scumbag warehouse 13 - 5381517056
Created by SyFyFan

I Think it Actually Neutralized the Goo

agent allison scagliotti artie artifact claudia donovan snooki tag warehouse 13 - 5373846528
See all captions Created by Unknown