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Looks Like Kelso Really Turned Things Around!

apple steve jobs that 70s show - 8101428736
By Kyler_Cheez

Introducing the "Timelord Knowledge" Diet

diet timelord karen gillan the doctor Matt Smith doctor who amy pond apple - 6664900864
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Mmmm...Modern Technology...

homer simpson apple iphone - 8090947584
By Unknown

Maybe Try a Larger Fruit

apple bran stark Game of Thrones Jon Snow kit harington - 6365667072
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apple horror Short Film siri special effects Video - 33580289

Psycho Siri

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Captain's Log

apple Captain Kirk chris pine Star Trek - 5409604864
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An Apple a Day

apple dalek doctor who expression really the doctor - 5901196032
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...and that crack in the wall hasn't got any smaller either!

karen gillan the doctor Matt Smith crack in the wall bite amy pond apple forgot - 6661005312
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Star Trek - Who Invented What Now?

apple best of the week Captain Picard patrick stewart Star Trek steve jobs - 6369550336
Via Geeks Are Sexy

In the 23rd Century, Apple survived by being more nimble than other personal electronic device manufacturers.

apple Captain Kirk Leonard Nimoy Nichelle Nichols Shatnerday Spock Star Trek tribbles uhura Vulcans William Shatner - 6560251136
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apple boba fett commercial Death Star parody stormtrooper Video - 41284609

Basically a Death Star

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Two Reasons Not to Use Apple Maps

apple Boromir Lord of the Rings lost sean bean - 6613602304
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apple dead finally kristen stewart snow white snow white and the huntsman - 5884541440
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Anything to Stop Twilight!

apple kristen stewart prince snow white and the huntsman stop - 5891902720
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Everything's Gonna be Okay!

apple dead i dont want to live on this planet anymore kristen stewart snow white - 5957528064
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Apple. Even futuristic libraries use it.

computers doctor who library apple keyboard - 7098999296
By austinator5795
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