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But Try as I Might, I Just Can't

annoying bored call care condescending jensen ackles Supernatural - 6346846464
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Satan: taking torture to the next level

annoying Jared Padalecki lucifer mark pellegrino sam winchester Supernatural torture twilight - 6476456192
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Make Sure You Spread Out so There's No Way for Me to Pass...

jimmy fallon annoying family funny - 8028688640
Created by Unknown
annoying bugs companion dragons Skyrim the elder scrolls Video - 33953281

Skyrim: To Lydia with Love

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Rose is Such a Chatty Cathy

i dont care annoying golden girls - 8058221056
Created by Unknown

We're Not Gonna Say It!

annoying avengers Black Widow chris evans chris hemsworth hulk iron man Jeremy renner steve rogers - 6366579968
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Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go ...

annoying disney dwarves shut up singing snow white song The Hobbit - 6522897920
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A whole afternoon of Jar Jar Binks.

liam neeson star wars annoying jar jar binks the phantom menace - 6727418368
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The REAL reason Voldemort is so irritable

annoying ralph fiennes song voldemort - 6506618368
See all captions Created by luckystar447

I swear... ...If I hear Jayne say "I'll be in my bunk" one more time, I will SO jump!

annoying Firefly river tam summer glau - 6277995520
See all captions Created by Sandy_Sunball
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