Set Phasers to LOL


Show Him How it's Done, Draco

annoyed draco malfoy embarrassing Harry Potter jack gleeson joffrey baratheon rich shut up tom felton whining - 6472475136
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That's the third housekeeper to quit this week

annoyed barnabas collins dark shadows jonathan frid scared - 6261524480
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No Bones! I'm Not stopping at wallmart for Mountain Dew while I'm on the surface!

annoyed Captain Kirk bones McCoy Star Trek William Shatner Shatnerday communicator - 6657318656
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Glad you asked

annoyed David Tennant embarrassing no the doctor - 6188356096
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Still Waiting

angry annoyed avery brooks Deep Space Nine Star Trek - 6103922432
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No, I can't bring Tennant back!

annoyed best of the week cant daleks David Tennant doctor who Matt Smith no the doctor - 6380166656
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Not Much Substance to That Story

annoyed gifs friends sandwich Joey - 8129150976
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And then there was that time on Risa...

annoyed boring captain planet risa romulans Star Trek stories - 6274536192
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Crap! It moved! Spock! Set your phaser to kill!

annoyed scary Captain Kirk phaser Spock spider Zachary Quinto Star Trek kill chris pine - 6641004544
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...and red is NOT a good colour for the aircon ducts!

annoyed John Crichton advice farscape cheap aeryn sun - 6788244992
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WTF Sci-Fi Book Covers: The Champion of Garathorm

annoyed wtf books bird science fiction - 6741761536
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Bloody students!!

annoyed Lord of the Rings ian mckellen gandalf swords bloody - 6658411008
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Who transported that Nyan Cat on my ship?!

annoyed Captain Kirk Leonard Nimoy Nyan Cat Shatnerday Spock Star Trek transporter William Shatner - 6473527552
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Irreverent Philistines! We're doing some serious acting here!

annoyed brent spiner Michael Dorn Worf batleth the next generation data Star Trek - 6799242752
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But only forty minutes left to go

annoyed Worf Captain Picard the next generation Star Trek klingon patrick stewart - 6858854656
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Hodor's Secret

a song of ice and fire annoyed comic hodor name pikachu speech - 6130170112
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