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A New Hope anger episode 4 george lucas greedo han shot first News and Reviews rage star wars Video - 33725953

George Lucas Says You're Wrong

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anger Captain Kirk died hard james doohan redshirts scotty Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner - 6305235712
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alfred anger batman bruce wayne rage robin the dark knight Video video games - 40458241

The Dark Knight Rages

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Die Water

anger die gun movies rihanna water - 5548011520
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Gwen Pls

anger bazooka Captain Jack Harkness cartoons eve myles Gwen Cooper john barrowman rocket launcher Torchwood - 6340318208
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anger cancelled fox Firefly Joss Whedon - 47628545

Watch Zombie Joss Whedon Express his Anger at Fox in This Sneak Peek from "Robot Chicken's" Season Finale

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So you tell me you cancelled Firefly...

adam baldwin anger cancelled Firefly jayne cobb threatening - 6434997504
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