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andy serkis

voice Lord of the Rings gollum Sméagol interview andy serkis - 47263745

Andy Serkis Tells Us Gollum's Feelings on the "Lord of the Rings" Movies

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andy serkis Daniel Craig movies Steven Moffat Tintin trailers - 27633921

Tintin: Adventure in the Uncanny Valley

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andy serkis gollum laxative Lord of the Rings oops - 6446521344
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andy serkis chris hardwick comic con gollum peter jackson SDCC The Hobbit Video - 39969281

Gollum Dropped the F-Bomb at Comic-Con

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Me watching the clock during the last 5 minutes of the school day

andy serkis clock gollum Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings school Sméagol waiting watching - 6436009472
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andy serkis anniversary book gollum reading The Hobbit Video - 42430209

Andy Serkis Reads "The Hobbit"

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peter jackson Lord of the Rings sean bean Frodo Baggins gollum honest trailers Boromir elijah wood andy serkis - 45666049

Honest Trailer: The Lord of the Rings

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Nope, still not tired of this meme

Lord of the Rings still a better love story than twilight Sméagol ring andy serkis - 7094104320
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What D'ya Reckon?

andy serkis gollum hair Lord of the Rings work - 5794193920
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