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Star Trek - Riker's Prime Directive

action Captain Picard prime directive sigh Star Trek Star trek the next generation star trek: The next gener william riker - 6508708096
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action alien Battle falling skies season 2 teaser Video - 36347649

First Three Minutes of Season Two of "Falling Skies"

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Set Phasers to LOL: If Michael Bay Directed "The Wizard of Oz"

action bad movies explosions Michael Bay the wizard of oz - 6420696064
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action button easy mass effect mass effect 3 Video - 34109953

One Button Does Everything in Mass Effect 3

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Unlike mere mortals, who remain unperspexed...

benedict cumberbatch action glass Star Trek star trek into darkness - 6994821376
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Scanning for Lifeforms

action saturday night Star Trek tom paris - 5926765568
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