Set Phasers to LOL


Is that my favourite Bat'leth?!!

batleth danger favorite Michael Dorn parents silence Star Trek Worf - 6279879680
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Yes, Mr. Worf

batleth brent spiner cat data Michael Dorn spot Star Trek Worf - 5600494080
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We're men, men in tights. Tight tights!

brent spiner Michael Dorn song Worf levar burton Geordi La Forge data Star Trek - 6832927744
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Laughing at the Borg

Captain Picard Jonathan Frakes Michael Dorn patrick stewart Star Trek william riker Worf - 5384340480
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Michael Dorn william riker Worf Captain Picard Jonathan Frakes season two the next generation Bloopers laughing patrick stewart - 46768385

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Two Blooper Reel

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Mr. Data Knows his Technobabble!

Captain Picard data Jonathan Frakes Michael Dorn patrick stewart Riker Star Trek Worf - 6093297408
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Irreverent Philistines! We're doing some serious acting here!

annoyed brent spiner Michael Dorn Worf batleth the next generation data Star Trek - 6799242752
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Finally Somebody Listens

Captain Picard hell Michael Dorn patrick stewart prime directive Star Trek success Worf - 6033113088
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Yarn Trek: The Next Generation

best of the week Captain Picard cute data doctor beverly crusher Geordi Laforge Riker Star Trek Worf yarn - 6019786752
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Worf, What Are You Doing at the Controls?

driving klingon Michael Dorn Star Trek video game Worf - 6479205888
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Federation Klingon Problems

humans Star Trek TNG Worf - 7943751936
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best of the week klingon Michael Dorn pun Star Trek Worf - 5884325888
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There seems to have been Some kind of transporter accident

accident beverly crusher Captain Picard cute data Geordi Laforge malfunction Star Trek transporter william riker Worf - 6305407744
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He's a cat Warf, according to the computer you feed him cheezburgers and make lols.

brent spiner cat cheezburger computer data lols Michael Dorn spot Star Trek Worf - 6334324736
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Not Dog?

meme Michael Dorn phone Star Trek TNG Worf - 6434918912
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Seriously, It's Getting Old

arrow to the knee joke klingons Michael Dorn old Star Trek Worf - 5566731520
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