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There's Probably a Logical Reason

Captain Kirk Leonard Nimoy logic relax Shatnerday Spock Star Trek Vulcan William Shatner - 5715395328
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Understandable, Mr. Spock

Captain Kirk cartoons comic humor Spock Star Trek Vulcan - 6635900160
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And She's Completely Illogical

expressions illogical kristen stewart Leonard Nimoy Spock Star Trek Vulcan - 5915494912
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You wonder What that hand signal means on Vulcan

Spock Zachary Quinto Vulcan Star Trek star trek into darkness - 7009648640
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Aliens LOVE a good face hug!

alien Aliens Leonard Nimoy love mind meld Star Trek Vulcan William Shatner - 6225226240
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Never let your Vulcan drink.

drinking drunk falling Leonard Nimoy Spock Star Trek Vulcan - 6434567168
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Technical Terms

Star Trek Spock Leonard Nimoy james doohan Vulcan logic scotty - 6531318784
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Logic dictates, Captain Janeway, that it was your outdated hairstyle that has thrown the entire vessel and crew into a recursive timeloop and caused us to become lost.

captain janeway hairstyle logic lost Star Trek tim russ tuvok voyager Vulcan - 6182168320
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I'm sorry, Jim, I still do not hear the seashore. Have you considered my suggestion that you report to Sickbay for a hearing evaluation?

Captain Kirk Leonard Nimoy Nichelle Nichols ocean Shatnerday sick Spock Star Trek uhura Vulcan William Shatner - 6318416128
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Stand Back

Captain Kirk Leonard Nimoy Shatnerday Spock Star Trek Vulcan William Shatner - 5638170624
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Even When He's a Vulcan

Fringe kristen stewart Leonard Nimoy still more expressions Vulcan - 5929882368
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Never Fear

Leonard Nimoy Spock Star Trek superhero Vulcan - 5444659200
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Not logical at all actually.

writers cliches movies Spock Zachary Quinto gun Vulcan Star Trek logic star trek into darkness - 6979044096
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Because obsessing over a man who thinks love is a useless emotion is always healthy for a young woman.

Spock uhura Vulcan Leonard Nimoy love Star Trek Nichelle Nichols - 6620214016
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Who's a Good Vulcan?

cat pet Vulcan creepy cute Spock Star Trek - 6705760768
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