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Or if he cares?

Gwen Cooper Captain Jack Harkness Torchwood Awkward eve myles - 6699095552
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Captain Jack Harkness dancing john barrowman Torchwood - 5283097600
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Doctor Who Vs. Torchwood

christopher eccleston difference doctor who gareth david-lloyd happy the doctor Torchwood - 6403392768
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Haters Gonna Hate

Captain Jack Harkness haters gonna hate john barrowman Torchwood - 5443888128
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Cap'n Jack Harkness

Jack Harkness john barrowman the doctor Torchwood universe - 5331994624
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I'm too sexy for my coat... ...too sexy for my coat...

Captain Jack Harkness coat john barrowman Torchwood - 6499100416
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Probably Wasn't Important Anyway

best of the week Captain Jack Harkness forgot hot john barrowman sexy Torchwood - 6417197568
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Did Someone Say Captain?

Captain Jack Harkness captain malcolm reynolds Firefly jean-luc picard john barrowman nathan fillion patrick stewart Star Trek Torchwood - 5446421504
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Screw That, We're On American TV Now

bazooka Captain Jack Harkness eve myles Gwen Cooper john barrowman no Torchwood - 6340216320
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She'll Go Far in this Field

bazooka Captain Jack Harkness destroy eve myles Gwen Cooper john barrowman theater Torchwood - 6346718720
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Always Worked for Me

Torchwood - 6338566400
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Who You Gonna Call?

Captain Jack Harkness john barrowman the doctor Torchwood - 5452052224
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Simply Walks into Mordor

Captain Jack Harkness john barrowman kick ass mordor simply walk Torchwood - 5652380160
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Keeping the Wood in Torchwood

Captain Jack Harkness gareth david-lloyd ianto jones john barrowman Torchwood - 6362333440
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1990s Captain Jack Harkness Captain Kirk generations interview john barrowman Star Trek Torchwood Video William Shatner - 32765185

Captain Kirk Meets Captain Jack

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Either way, he's going to regret that box act

Captain Jack Harkness shoot Torchwood - 5322553344
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