Set Phasers to LOL


What is this ceremonial writing here? MADE IN CHINA?!!!

batleth made in china Michael Dorn Star Trek TNG Worf writing - 6317295104
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jean-luc picard TNG - 56822273

Tends To Ride Up

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cover guitar medley metal rock Star Trek Theme Song TNG Video - 40008193

Metal Medley of "Star Trek" Themes

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Face Palm Through The Generations

TNG TOS facepalm voyager Star Trek - 7886014464
By Unknown

What's So Hard About That?

bar closed Guinan Star Trek TNG whoopi goldberg - 5357438464
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And a Damn Good Mohel

big klingon knife Michael Dorn Star Trek TNG Worf - 6380504832
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The Cosmos In One Brilliant Beard

TNG Star Trek - 7892386816
By Unknown

Oxygen Deprivation

Captain Picard funny Jonathan Frakes patrick stewart Riker Star Trek TNG - 5383658496
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TNG Star Trek - 7599917568
By Unknown

Sleep Mode

brent spiner data gif levar burton Geordi La Forge TNG sleep - 7932326144
By Unknown

He Even Made Red-Shirts Invulnerable

TNG scotty Star Trek Q - 7983391488
By Unknown

Federation Klingon Problems

humans Star Trek TNG Worf - 7943751936
By Unknown

The 1701-D Crew With Classic Uniform Color Scheme

TNG Star Trek - 8020775168
By Unknown

It's a Complicated Relationship

picard TNG Spock facepalm data Star Trek - 7765010176
By Unknown

Captains on the Prime Directive

avery brooks captain janeway Captain Picard captain sisko captains enterprise kate mulgrew patrick stewart prime directive reactions scott bakula Star Trek TNG voyager - 6335905280
By Capt_Shelby_J_Hughes

Where In The Devil Am I?

Star Trek picard TNG - 7896721920
By Unknown
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