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No Justice in the World

best of the week cancelled captain malcolm reynolds Firefly gina torres jersey shore nathan fillion Sad season zoe washburn - 6145569536
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Why must it always end in handcuffs?

David Tennant doctor who fans handcuffs Sad the doctor trapped why - 6191904512
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Go Cry Emo Droids

c3p0 droids emo r2d2 robots Sad star wars - 5684218112
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It's OK Hermione, I know how your name is pronounced.

comforting Daniel Radcliffe emma watson harry Harry Potter hermione granger name Sad - 6222572544
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Bad news is...I lost my shoe. Good news was covered with gum, so I don't care.

Sad jensen ackles bad news dean winchester sam winchester Jared Padalecki lost - 6840616960
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That's Below the Belt

arya stark Game of Thrones insult kristen stewart Maisie Williams Sad - 6361898240
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NO! My scissorhands!

Edward Scissorhands Johnny Depp no Sad tim burton - 6319221504
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always andrew garfield crying peter parker Sad Spider-Man - 6414853376
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Isn't That Called Potty Training?

Sad Marina Sirtis jealous william riker Captain Picard Jonathan Frakes the next generation Star Trek deanna troi number one patrick stewart - 6635260672
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I do not like group hugs...

Sad the doctor Matt Smith - 6665523712
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Leonard Nimoy Spock chocolate crap Sad crying - 6596603648
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Doesn't Even Have the Decency to be Spelled Correctly

android caption depressing Hitchhiker's Gui Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy marvin robot Sad - 6389430016
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Lego Bilbo and Gollum

Sad lego Bilbo Baggins gollum The Hobbit ring - 6952630016
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Irene Meets Amy

Sad ice cream doctor who dinner Sherlock bbc amy pond irene adler - 6612650752
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Boba Fett and the Sarlacc

boba fett comic love marriage return of the jedi Sad star wars - 6158270976
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ewan mcgregor noooo obi-wan kenobi Sad star wars - 5817361152
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