Set Phasers to LOL


And I Don't Need to See Any More

george lucas Han Solo Harrison Ford KISS luke skywalker mark hamil Princess Leia star wars - 6154414848
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I've Done This Before

star wars KISS chewbacca Lando Calrissian Han Solo frozen Princess Leia - 6761006592
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"My old Gaffer said 'tisn't a proper quest without the proper tunes!"

comfort crying elijah wood Frodo Baggins KISS Lord of the Rings Music sam gamgee sean astin - 6444610560
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The Real Moral of Star Wars

Father KISS luke skywalker Princess Leia sister star wars - 6009029120
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Something You Now Can't Unknow

KISS Michael Dorn mustache Star Trek Worf - 5472344064
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...and again...and again...

again amy pond arthur darvill Game of Thrones karen gillan kill off KISS Matt Smith rory williams script - 6185501952
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chewbacca Han Solo Harrison Ford KISS luke skywalker Mark Hamill sister star wars - 6577899520
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With Lightsabers!

carrie fisher Han Solo Harrison Ford KISS luke skywalker Mark Hamill Princess Leia siblings star wars - 6353295616
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I Now Pronounce You

KISS kryton red dwarf wedding - 5547456256
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It's... it sparkles

alcohol best of the week hug james doohan KISS love scotty Star Trek still a better love story - 6244737536
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You kiss you mother with that mouth? No, my brother...

brother carrie fisher Han Solo Harrison Ford KISS mouth Princess Leia star wars - 6162936832
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It's the Doctor, Charlie Brown!

best of the week cartoons charlie brown doctor who Fan Art KISS River Song tardis the doctor - 6178452736
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Join The KISS Rebel Alliance

makeup mashup star wars KISS - 7877927168
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carrie fisher Han Solo Harrison Ford KISS leia luke skywalker Mark Hamill star wars - 6327898880
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Um, Excuse Me

brent spiner data excuse me KISS Star Trek wtf - 5342015488


angel Buffy the Vampire Slayer David Boreanaz james marsters KISS spike vampires - 5562593280
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