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Heard you were sick. This notebook filled with biological diagrams and detailed lab procedures should cheer you up.

Fringe John Noble science sick Walter Bishop - 6204165376
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Fringe observer psa Travel Video Viral Ad - 41873153

Observer Travel Protocol

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Wrong Show, Walter

Fringe John Noble joshua jackson meth peter bishop pudding show Walter Bishop wrong - 5808467968
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Anna Torv Astrid behind the scenes FRIDAY Fringe Jasika Nicole John Noble joshua jackson Making Of Olivia Dunham peter bishop Video Walter Bishop - 33099009

This Week's Fringe

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Fringe John Noble understand Walter Bishop weird - 5889128448
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Okay, okay. I jaywalked Isn't this a bit excessive though?

Anna Torv Fringe Olivia Dunham - 7043424000
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Is this the best you can do? A Jello house? Some Witch you are!

Fringe peter bishop witch joshua jackson - 7088718336
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I Mean I Still Have My Hair

Fringe haunt Leonard Nimoy question - 5884468480
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Pajamas are for pansies. Badasses sleep in jeans.

Anna Torv Badass Fringe Olivia Dunham pajamas - 6782816256
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Which Fringe Character Are You?

Fringe Olivia Dunham peter bishop Walter Bishop - 5304737792
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HE'S DEAD JIM! (I've always wanted to say that.)

astrid farnsworth Fringe Jasika Nicole John Noble Walter Bishop - 6339870976
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Hair Club for observers

joshua jackson peter bishop Fringe observer bald future - 6579066624
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I Preferred the Mental Hospital

arrow to the knee Fringe John Noble jokes Walter Bishop - 5822658816
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Dr. Walter Bishop

Fringe science Walter Bishop - 5304794624
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Men in Black? You've got the wrong group

Fringe men in black michael cerveris the observer wrong - 6395061248
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Finally, the quarter I dropped.

John Noble Walter Bishop joshua jackson peter bishop dropped surgery Fringe - 6597408256
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