Set Phasers to LOL


How Does This Go?

FAIL fingers high five star wars three yoda - 5649268480
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Always a Great Start to a Sales Pitch

homer simpson FAIL the simpsons - 8165087232
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Jabba the Hut cosplay star wars FAIL Princess Leia - 7754986752
By xyzpdq1

Group Hug Fail

caught doctor who FAIL the doctor weeping angels - 6109892608
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star wars FAIL facebook Star Trek - 7158263808
By Michael H

How could you fail this? It isn't even a test!

atlas p-body FAIL robots test Portal - 7056211712
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The Jaffa That Failed

christopher judge FAIL Stargate Stargate SG-1 tealc - 6473686528
By Unknown

10 points, Daily Mail journos...

star wars FAIL wookie characters stupid - 6856984576
By kellkellkell

Why You Don't Listen to Sokka

aang airbender Avatar the Last Airbender directing FAIL m night shyamalan Movie sokka - 5906712832
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Ah Yes...That Sound...

FAIL scrubs deaf - 8082256128
By Unknown
batman the dark knight parody Movie apple maps FAIL Video - 43329281

Batman Uses Apple Maps

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NOT the Real Uhura

FAIL Star Trek - 7425805824
By Lisa

In space, everyone can hear you fail.

door FAIL handle judge dredd reboot kick - 6310889984
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FAIL genelle williams leena warehouse 13 - 6327319808
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fist bump fail

Awkward Bill Nighy Daniel Radcliffe emma watson FAIL Harry Potter hermione granger old Ron Weasley rupert grint - 6399992320
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Love is Always a Gamble

FAIL the simpsons romance love - 8157275904
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