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I must infermigate! no I must interminate! no I must exferniate! WTF is my line ?

confused dalek doctor who Exterminate line wrong - 6408738816
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Captain Jack Harkness daleks doctor who eve myles Exterminate martha jones sarah jane smith the doctor Video - 32847105

S**t Daleks Say

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Been Drinking Tonight

cops daleks doctor who drinking Exterminate - 5837525248
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You said you were exterminators, but the cockroaches keep coming back!

Exterminate daleks doctor who - 6719977728
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Daleks Are The Superior Cleaners!

dalek dirt doctor who Exterminate humans skin - 5641986560
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commercial dalek Exterminate doctor who smoking - 44054785

Unaired Dalek Cigar Commercial

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dalek doctor who Exterminate Video - 37614337

A Dalek Song on Britain's Got Talent

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Be True To Yourself

dammit Exterminate tony stark true daleks doctor who iron man different - 6984847104
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dalek Exterminate cybermen doctor who k-9 - 6866241280
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Science Fact: NASA's New Space Shuttle Engines Look Eerily Familiar

daleks doctor who Exterminate nasa space - 5688848896
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Exterminate Him First

best of the week daleks doctor who Exterminate red shirts - 5465776640
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R2 Has to Watch His Blood Sugar

dalek Exterminate r2-d2 doctor who snickers - 7782181632
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Hey look its a trashcan!

confusion dalek doctor who Exterminate talking trash can WoW - 6432660736
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The Doctor's Purrsonal Little Exterminator...

kitteh Exterminate chasing daleks doctor who Cats - 7017741312
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Guess We'll Have to Exterminate You Instead

daleks doctor who Exterminate laugh - 5981517056
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The Daleks Took Over the Doctor Who Twitter Feed

daleks doctor who Exterminate twitter - 6554965504
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