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You're Not That Kind of Elf

legolas elf Lord of the Rings Dobby - 6919240192
By Unknown

40 years of service and all I get is a dirty sock

Harry Potter socks Dobby - 7269961216
See all captions By Greybeard55

Curiosity Killed the House Elf

Harry Potter Dobby that sounds naughty - 7262483456
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Batman, Harry Potter - The House Elf Gotham Deserves

batman bruce wayne christian bale Dobby Harry Potter - 6527246080
Via The American Kid

Dobby is FREE! (Sock is $5.99 plus tax)

Harry Potter Dobby - 7267217920
See all captions By Unknown

Bad Dobby

bad Badass dancing Dobby free gifs Harry Potter - 5646089472
By Unknown

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