Set Phasers to LOL


And So Picard Had the Rule Reversed

Captain Picard Death Jonathan Frakes patrick stewart redshirts Star Trek william riker - 6117036800
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I Thought It Was Kara Thrace

battlestar Battlestar Galactica Death kara thrace starbuck - 5965028864
Created by bobajimmy

The View Screen

Death DeForest Kelley Leonard Nimoy McCoy Nichelle Nichols redshirts Spock Star Trek uhura - 5392855808
See all captions Created by shanebc01

The Snape Special

Alan Rickman Death force choke Harry Potter snape special - 5739772160
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a song of ice and fire Death Game of Thrones math numbers Video - 39651073

Game of Thrones by the Numbers

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The Red Shirt Stare

Death red shirt Star Trek William Shatner - 5360069120
Created by Pete1146

What Are You Gonna Do... Plunge Me To Death?

Death the doctor Matt Smith doctor who - 6980514304
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Don't Give Them Ideas!

dalek reading Death Exterminate doctor who books - 6717528320
Via Doctor Oddfellow

We just switched their regular script writer with George R. R. Martin. Let's see if they notice.

Captain Kirk McCoy red shirt Death George RR Martin DeForest Kelley Star Trek William Shatner - 7077141504
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Sir Christopher Lee

best of the week Christopher Lee chuck norris Death dracula Lord of the Rings lucifer mycroft saruman sherlock holmes star wars top villain - 5812684288
Created by huddl3

Stormtrooper Story

best of the week Death Death Star kid lego Sad star wars stormtrooper - 5814130944
Via theinternetaccordingtoadrian

The Gallifreycrum Tinies

rory williams Death alphabet doctor who - 6923473664
Via Eat Toast
comics DC Death drunk elijah wood superman Video - 33438721

The Death and Return of Superman

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In Fact It's Even More Likely

best of the week Death Firefly Jewel Staite Kaylee Frye smiling - 6056783616
See all captions Created by kenbaker

Oh, That's Good, I... Wait, What?

captain comforting Death DeForest Kelley McCoy redshirt smirk Star Trek - 6346693632
See all captions Created by Sandy_Sunball

A Sadder Scene

angel Buffy Buffy the Vampire Slayer David Boreanaz Death Sad Sarah Michelle Gellar scene - 5918648576
See all captions Created by Estarfigam
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