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Deep Space Nine Alignment Chart

alignment Chart Deep Space Nine dungeons and dragons Star Trek - 5336259840
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Prometheus: Species Origin

alien Aliens Chart Hall of Fame infographic prometheus - 6359839232
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Harry Potter Attractiveness Graph

best of the week cedric diggory Chart graph harry Harry Potter hermione granger neville longbottom Ron Weasley snape voldemort - 5797178112
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Geek Dad vs. Non-Geek Dad

Chart nerdgasm funny g rated parenting - 7568547584

Star Trek Names and Roles

list Chart roles characters names Star Trek infographic captains - 6923686400
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Sci-Fi Fan Reference Chart

Avatar Browncoats Chart fans Firefly infographic klingon lost movies science fiction Star Trek star wars Trekkies tv shows western - 5773442816
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Chart of Lightsabers

Chart lightsabers star wars - 7908506880

Famous Robots

Chart Portal robots star wars terminator transformers - 6611343872
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Star Wars Vs. Star Trek Ships

Chart comparison infographic Star Trek star wars - 6565963776
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Game of Thrones Alignment Chart

a song of ice and fire alignment cersei lannister Chart dungeons and dragons Eddard Stark Game of Thrones infographic peter dinklage sansa stark sean bean - 5902934016
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The Heroic Table of Elements

batman Chart Fan Art science superheroes - 6372792576
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The Reboot Grid

bad idea Chart good idea infographic movies reboot - 6537661952
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Every Incarnation of the TARDIS

best of the week Chart doctor who history tardis the doctor - 5775055872
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